“Even before the recent economic crash it was evident the city needed to diversify its tax base. The retail boom of the '90s, which provided revenue for new schools, pools, and services, fell victim to regional competition, and as a result, revenues declined. Incentives were seen as an approach to deal with this problem.

Incentives through tax rebates were to be used to recruit businesses that provided higher-end employment or opportunities that would attract new visitors to the city. New businesses downtown would fit the city's historic character. Better-paying jobs and tourism would not only help the city's bottom line but also would help support existing businesses. The ultimate beneficiary would be city taxpayers.”

  • Ensure that incentives meet city goals of diversifying the tax base. IN the case of our historic downtown that businesses are compatible with its character.
  • Work actively with the local business/educationalcommunity to identify business opportunities and infrastructure issues that need to be addressed and how.
  • Be open to working with our regional neighbors on economic development opportunities

The Issues

Too often we are hearing from those in City Hall that they are doing what is required to inform the public. {more…}

No matter the adversity there are always opportunities. While presenting significant challenges to local governments in providing levels of service expected by residents {more…}

I cannot understand those who justify raising taxes because our tax rate is lower than other localities or those who opposes tax increases on the basis that taxes are too high. {more…}

“Even before the recent economic crash it was evident the city needed to diversify its tax base. {more…}

“As we consider the future development of our communities we must keep three simple truths in the fore front of our deliberations…" {more…}

“You’re going to get a lot of people pushing to open that river up,” Kelly said. “ {more…}

“At the end of the day, what I want to be able to do is say, alright, [GWRC], if you want to take care of transportation, these are the projects you’re going to need, this is how much it’s going to cost, this is how much we’re going to get from the state…{more…}